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Knoxville: 865-247-2248
Southwest Florida: 239-216-3590
Southeast Florida: 954-915-9566

Common Questions

Why Resurface Instead of Replace?

  • Quality!

  • Our patented product often exceeds, but always meets most manufacturers factory specifications.
  • Time!

    Most projects can be completed in just a few hours.

  • Money!

  • Our method allows you to remodel your ordinary kitchen or bathroom areas at a fraction of the replacement cost.


Is there a difference between the Resurfacing Specialist and other companies?

Yes! The service that we provide is unique and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Many companies use similar techniques but our patented service is scientifically proven and our surfaces are guaranteed.

What if my surface is chipped or cracked?

Most small damages can be repaired during the process and the final result will be a smooth new finish.

How long will it last?

Any tub or ceramic wall serviced by The Resurfacing Specialist, Inc. should easily last 10-15 years. With proper care you'll enjoy your new surface even for more years.

Will my bathtub or counter look painted?

No, you usually cannot tell the difference, in fact you can tell everyone it's brand new and they won't be able to tell either.

Do you do residential jobs?

Yes, we have numerous teams from West Palm to Key West. We can always schedule an appointment in your area…and we actually show up on time!