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Kitchen Countertop Color Choices (more Click Here)
Summit-Grey Fawn-Gloss Oyster-White Misty-Gray
Rocky-Road Lava Moonstone Night Spots
Latte Smoky Granite Desert Stone Aztec Brown
Blackstone Amazon Safari Tan Astoria Granite
Birch Granite Venetian Tan Brownstone Buckskin
Cappuccino Morocco Cliff-Rock Fieldstone
Florance Sand Galaxy    

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Before Kitchen After

Kitchen Before Kitchen After

Natural stone

The Resurfacing Specialist specializes in many kinds of stone, but natural stone is one of the most commonly used materials in countertops. Natural stone or dimension stone slabs (e.g. granite) are shaped using cutting and finishing equipment in the shop of the fabricator. The edges are commonly put on by hand-held routers, grinders, or CNC equipment. If the stone has a highly variegated pattern, the stone may be laid out in final position in the shop for the customer’s inspection, or the stone slabs may be selected by experienced inspectors. Then the countertop assembly is installed on the job site by professionals.

Post-formed plastic laminate

“Postformed” (or literally “formed after being laminated” to the substrate) high pressure laminate countertop, often referred to as “plastic laminate countertop” is a material made more of wood product than plastic. The composition is of kraft paper, decorative papers, and melamine resins, bonded through high heat and pressure. This product is sometimes referred to as “Formica” or “Arborite,” but these are trade names of a manufactured high pressure laminate, of which there are many manufacturers.

Engineered quartz surfacing

One countertop we specialize in is engineered quartz surfacing. It is made from approximately 95% natural quartz and 5% polymer resins. Testing has shown that they retain much of the toughness of quartz but display increased ductility due to the resin, improving impact resistance.Countertops are custom made and more scratch resistant as well as less porous than natural quartz surfaces, and don’t need to be sealed like other stone surfaces

Cultured marble

Cultured marble countertops are man made vanity tops that have the appearance of and resemble real stone marble and is a favorite of The Resurfacing Specialist. Cultured marble countertops are made by mixing high strength polyester resin and real marble stone dust. The combination is then formulated with additional chemicals and poured in to a cast mold. These molds can ultimately produce bathtubs, whirlpool decks, shower pans, window sills, and even vanity tops. The finished material is significantly less expensive than natural marble and four times stronger than natural stones such as granite or marble.



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